Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

The Best Pubs & Bars In The Country!

Our website could hardly count itself as a useful resource without featuring Irish pubs, albeit we have barely scratched the surface. The Republic of Ireland doesn't shy away from the fact it likes a drink.

Combining a fondness for all things traditional with that tendency all relatively new independent states have, to dip back into their past for inspiration and identity this manifests itself in some wonderful preserved pubs, as yet ungentrified and still with a keen understanding of what qualities make a pub worth going to.

It's common to find the bar in a true Irish pub manned - in both senses - by late middle-aged fellow of sizeable girth packaged in a neat plain white shirt and black trousers. You'll be assured of a friendly welcome and perhaps a few jests if you're not a local - usually good natured.

While Irish folk music can be witnessed in most pubs it nevertheless adds something - occasionally monotony, but usually a bonhomie that take atmosphere onto another level in terms of atmosphere.

The phenomenon of 'plastic Paddy' unfortunately infects several pubs meaning that the enticing exterior and Gaelic signage is no cast-iron guarantee of a preserved interior. A little like London, many of Dublin's historic pubs are being squeezed to accommodate as many tourists as possible with the inevitable price-gouging and corporate feel that comes with it.

The second downside is that Guinness' parent company have more or less cornered the pub market, highly restricting independent Irish brewers from being able to sell their beers in Irish pubs. Whether you like Guinness or don't, that's a disgrace.

However, thankfully you don't have to go far at all to find the places that are still happy being what they are. Go to Ireland at the first opportunity you get, as many of these won't be long for this world once the landlords retire.
Name Location Our Rating
Dick Mack's Dingle 9.7
The Gravediggers Dublin 9.6
Grogans Dublin 9.5
Tig Bhric Ballyferriter 9.5
Foxy John's Dingle 8.8
O'Donoghues Dublin 8.7
Toners Dublin 8.7
Kehoes Dublin 8.6
Dawson Lounge * Dublin 8.5
Mulligans Dublin 8.3
Doheny & Nesbit Dublin 8.2
McNeills Dublin 8.1
O'Connor's Killarney 8
O'Flaherty's Dingle 8
Stag's Head Dublin 7.8
Bowes Dublin 7.8
Tigh Ui Chathain Ballyferriter 7.8
Briodys * Dublin 7.8
Baily's Corner Tralee 7.7
Paddy Mac's Tralee 7.7
Dublin // pop. 544,107

One of the most famous pub cities in the world, let alone Europe, a visit to Dublin would be extremely underwhelming without a visit to some of their oldest and greatest venues.

The offering in Dublin centre is varied with many old pubs clinging on even in the face of some of the most aggressive property development in Europe.

You'll find the drinks offerings in nearly all pubs virtually identical due to the exploitation of licensing laws by big brewers. Guinness, Smithwicks Red, Heineken, etc, etc. This has suppressed craft brewing which is even now struggling to make headway.

Overall though, a pub visit is for the atmosphere and social scene and here is where Dublin shines, with its folk heritage on show, unvarnished and authentic in places - plastic and pop influenced in others.

Try to avoid Temple Bar and some of the more touristy venues unless it's your very first visit, and head to some of the stalwart pubs that aren't mentioned as prominently. Some of these are full of surprises and delights, and less full of annoying tourists.