Foxy John’s, Dingle

Location: Main St, Grove, Dingle, Co. Kerry, V92 PD6F, Ireland

Venue Type: Village Pub / Hardware Store

Year of Inscription: 2021

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Standard selection of Irish macro-brews with a couple of local independents providing sweet relief. Good whisky selection.
Hardware store-cum-bar. To your right you’ll find dusty dog-eared boxes and shelves of hardware, nuts and bolts, and to the left, the bar with a snug to your left. Stool and ledge seating only in the main bar area, with a less interesting but pleasant backroom behind.
The bartender promises ‘ruthless craic’ and there are a cast of regulars sat at the shop counter who will certainly pass comment whenever they feel like it. This may intimidate some but if you want local life you can’t complaint if they serve it to you. Atmosphere perhaps best in the intimate snug to the left of the entrance. Perfect for having a sup of whisky and rumination.
Hardware store. Snacks.
Value For Money
Slightly more expensive for the area.
A local institution run with an iron fist. Just as its notoriety has gained, the locals have dug in. You’ll be promised and perhaps served up ‘ruthless craic’ (although if you understand it quickly enough give a bit back – they do genuinely enjoy it). Both Hardware store and pub, this is an oddity, and there is a degree of self-awareness that is the case. Locals prop themselves up by the shop counter and in the snug, but you may find room at quieter times. A quirky, special place.