European Bar Guide maximise enjoyment of your day out with our tailored pub crawls in many European cities. We have taken care that you get plenty of time, food and even suggest activities other than drinking! – (apparently these things called Museums exist?!)

For each city we provide an interactive map showing the path to each venue, as well as supplying several backup recommendations in case anywhere is closed or you get sidetracked. In short – the best day out! 

Coming soon:

Bamberg, Barcelona, Bari, Brussels, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, Debrecen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Florence, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Ghent, Gyor, Hull, Kaunas, Leeds, London. Lviv, Madrid, Munich, Olomouc, Porto, Poznan, Riga, Santiago de Compostela, Timisoara, Vilnius, Wroclaw, York … and more!