Tig Bhric, Ballyferriter

Location: Reask, Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, V92 P681, Ireland

Year of Inscription: 2021

Venue Type: Brewery / Country Pub / Inn

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Independent, small-batch, locally brewed beers both on cask and keg.
A beautiful personalised barn with wood strip ceiling giant fireplace, cushions and intended to be as homely as possible. Akin to a German Gasthof in layout but with an Irish and personal feel.
Super cosy and comfortable with an intimate atmosphere. Calm with only natural ambience and great views surrounding the brewery. Limited hours due to licensing rules for the brewery and the family element means it closes mid-evening.
Brewery tap,  rooms, snacks, outdoor seating.
Value For Money
Fair for the area and given the operation.
A true standout, both for the fact it is an independent small-batch brewery in Ireland, more so that it is based near the middle of nowhere, more still that it has a pub that on its own would be worth visiting even if it only served macro-brew beer. A family operation and labour of love, the beers are true standouts, by far and a way above the norm available in the country, while the pub itself is the epitome of homeliness, with wood strip ceiling giving it a cosy Gasthof feel, with a large fireplace that when going emits an almost intoxicating incense. One of the true wonders of the beer world. Unfortunately it closes early evening, though it’s unfortunate it ever closes!