Ratings Key:

A: Choice and/or quality of drinks: /10

B: Style and décor: /10

C: Atmosphere and feel: /10

D: Amenities, Events & Community: /10

E: Value for money: /10

F: The Pub Going Factor: /10



  • Kanguruh –  A: 10/10 B: 9/10 C: 9/10 D: 6/10 E: 6/10 F: 9/10


At the time of writing I don’t feel sufficiently informed to tell you about the Austrian pub or bar scene in general, so will hopefully update you after further exploration.


Vienna itself appeared to have a dispersed and slightly disappointing bar scene, making it difficult to arrange anything like a pub crawl. There is almost certainly a lively underground club scene on the basis of the directory, which I know little and care little about unless one of them specifically manages to out-do themselves on style and decor, or atmosphere, in which case do let me know.

There is one mediocre and middle brow brewpub in the centre, 1516 which has made an attempt to make the interior a bit more homely and pub-like, but the obviously newly constructed feel was still slightly sterile, and the beer offering only okay. As with a lot of these places, they attract passing trade and feel transient rather than a base for regulars.

The highlight by far was Kanguruh, a pub specialising in 100+ belgian beers nearly all a set price at 4 euros 50 cents, meaning there are many bargains to be found. The atmosphere is terrific, a shady candlelit venue with a mixture of locals and intrepid travellers. Follow the link above for further info.

The restaurant Bauern Brau in the centre of Vienna serves beer from a microbrewery in Styria which you are much less likely to visit, so serves as a de facto brewery tap. The food is great and the beer was very good, so I would also recommend coming for an evening meal. It’s not a bar or a pub though, be warned, it just happens to be a very nice restaurant serving beer from a less common and very good brewery.

The pub scene outside of Vienna is still a mystery to me, barring an unexciting market town called Wiener Neustadt. I can vaguely imagine a Germanic nature to the pub going, and plenty of weissbier, but don’t take my word for it. I hope to inform myself sufficiently then update this page in the not too distant future.