Wilhelm Hoeck 1892, Berlin

Wilhelm Hoeck 1892, Berlin

Location: Wilmersdorfer Str. 149, 10585 Berlin, Germany

Year of Inscription: 2020

Venue Type: Historic Tavern / Liqueurs / Neighbourhood Pub

Choice/Quality of Drinks: 7/10

Style & Décor: 9/10 

Character, Atmosphere & Local Life: 8/10

Amenities & Events: 7/10

Value For Money: 5/10

Our Overall Rating: 8.3/10

A cosy corner in the Kneipe side of this old-time 2-room Berlin favourite is highly prized for good reason. The preserved dark brown interior is more akin to the stylings of a Netherlands brown café or English tavern. Just like those, the atmosphere offers slow paced, brooding afternoons and buzzing evenings, especially when there are performances at the Opera house nearby, and both commoners and high society mix together. The old barrels and lurid bottles on the shelves are a historic reminder of a connection to an old liquor factory destroyed in the war. Today play their part in adding a distinctive charm that still feels genuinely transporting and is impossible to forget.

Go for: Cosy chats, preserved decór and tradition, local drinks…