The Trumpet, Bilston 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Location: 58 High St, Bilston WV14 0EP

Year of Inscription: 2021

Venue Type: Jazz Bar / Pub

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
3 cask from local breweries, with fairly mainstream keg options. Decent selection of spirits.
A one room jazz den with memorabilia on the walls, highly personalised and wonderful ageing of the wood fittings. Rich green painted wood strip ceiling with lamps.  Magnificent.
Absolutely superb, outstanding atmosphere both before and during the live music performances.
Live jazz music performances which are paid for with tips (please bring cash as it is also cash only). Raffle (also helps support the performers), outdoor seating, limited snacks. Occasional alternatives with food nights (think Paella).
Value For Money
Fair value for money.
A one-off and certainly close to being the finest pub in England, this jazz bar combines amazing decor, with jazz antiques and memorabilia perfectly complimenting a beautifully ageing wood fit bunker-like pub with bench seating and carpets. Live performances feature almost daily, with tips + raffle surcharge to pay for those.
N.B: Bring hard cash as they don’t accept cards. Along with the likes of Yorckschlosschen, Papa Joe’s and Bohemian Jazz Café, England has a Jazz Bar worthy of renown anywhere in Europe. Visit at once.