The Meanwood Tavern, Leeds

Location: 607 Meanwood Rd, Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4HQ

Venue Type: Suburban Pub / Retro Lounge Bar

Year of Inscription: 2022

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EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks

Beer focus with regional cask and keg offerings along with European classics. Reasonably well stocked bar of alternatives.

A recent redesign following inheriting the site from a previous operation. Art Deco with sweeping dark green, stylish carpet and upholstered seating with globe lamps lining the walls, somewhat similar to a cinema bar.

The new look venue feels warmer and cosier with its carpets, curtains and dark green. Already a popular fixture across a range of ages and backgrounds.

Street food vendor, community events
Value For Money

Nothing out of the ordinary for Leeds or Meanwood, but definitely seeking the upper end of the market.
A new creation from the team behind Leeds’ Whitelock‘s and Turk’s Head on the site of Market Town Tavern’s previous bar ‘East of Arcadia’ in a ground floor unit in a modern development situated on a sloping street corner. Marketed as a ‘modern pub’, the environment feels more retro than modern, with its sweeping art deco, dark green ceiling and curtains, globe lamps and backlit signage. The carpeting has created a cosier loungey space somewhat akin to a good cinema bar. Distinctive and already busy and popular, not least due to the good range of beer on offer. The modern pub element may refer to the food outlet which serves deep dish pizza slices. Worth the trip out, particularly with some other bars only a short walk away.