The Chintz, Falmouth

Location: The Dental Surgery Old Brewery Yard, Falmouth TR11 2BY

Venue Type: Cocktail Bar / Courtyard Complex

Year of Inscription: 2021

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EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks

Cocktails, gins with a small range of beer and cider options

Eclectic, mad, fussy, and of course chintzy. False book cases, ornate frames and furniture. Juliet balcony overlooking a courtyard, a prime spot exploiting the raw materials of a unique location.

Calm during the day, very buzzing in the evening.

Small plates, board games, piano, live events, outdoor seating
Value For Money

Standard/High for the area.
A one-off, The Chintz does what it says and more. Arrive through an archway into a courtyard with mixed outdoor seating, ascend up to The Chintz via a set of corner steps, past some very mossy rocks of a cliff edge. The Chintz is based in the loft. Exposed rafter and an explosion of eclectic decor that is at once fussy, dress and mad. Vintage furniture, false book cases, piano, fish tank, chaise lounge, it’s a thing of careful creation. While a cocktail bar churning out competent if unspectacular efforts, you will find a back bar stocked with enough to keep most people happy. At night the place comes alive with an excitable crowd, and you can feel a warm glow from the energy and happiness that is something to be part of. Excellent venue.