Prager Frühling, Berlin

Location: Florastraße 62, 13187 Berlin, Germany

Year of Inscription: 2021

Venue Type: Neighbourhood Pub / Czech-style Hospoda

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EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks

Czech classics with seasonal offers from smaller breweries. Limited back bar.

Czech Hospoda type format with a cosy front room and simple wooden furniture. Decorated to commemorate the Prague Spring and revolutions.
A room which lends itself to socialising very well. Communal tables and sense of both intimacy and comfort, relaxation. Drinks focused and for conversation.

Some food available, limited outdoor seating
Value For Money

Reasonable value considering the relatively rare offer.
Appearances can be deceptive, so when you look at pictures online of various plates of food and humdrum furniture you may be fooled into thinking this is an average theme pub-restaurant, but visit and your expectations will be suitably adjusted, for here is a proper drinking hospoda (albeit in Berlin rather than Czechia) dedicated to drinking top class Czech pilsners and socialising. The atmosphere is friendly and multilingual, once sat down with friends you will need a crowbar to wrench you out of your seat.