Mahr’s Bräu, Bamberg 🇩🇪

Location: Wunderburg 10, 96050 Bamberg, Germany

Year of Inscription: 2021

Venue Type: Brewery Tap / Beer Hall 

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EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks

While not as highly prized nowadays, we are discussing the differences between the very highest Franconian beers going. You won’t find as much of a hype about their famous ungespundet (unbunged) “aU” kellerbier, and they no longer serve from the wooden barrel, but the beers remain excellent with only locals and the most discerning perturbed by recent years events.


You’ll find the taproom easily the most atmospheric with wooden barrels, niches and dark wood. It’s hugely atmospheric. The side rooms are typical and fairly by-the-numbers German beer hall in appearance, although at least intimate in size.


Head to the taproom for the core atmosphere of the place where the history and ageing of the wood, murmur of conversation and back and forth of staff make it feel like the place to be, hunkered down protected by the layers of pub around you.


Outdoor space, food, snacks.

Value For Money

OK for the area.

Our site focuses squarely on whether a pub has good beer, good décor, good atmosphere, fair value and any additional amenities that compliment it. This really does, but be sure to grab a seat in the core of the pub by the barrels, as the taproom has a lot of history and will allow you to absorb the full charm of the place, based there since 1895. The beer not what it was, and neither is it poured from those barrels anymore. However, expanding our perspectives slightly, it remains magnificent and sitting back to recall our experiences rouses a wistful longing to return.