Frau Krause, Leipzig 🇩🇪

Location: Simildenstraße 8, 04277 Leipzig, Germany

Venue Type: Rauchkneipe / Casual Hangout / Late Bar

Year of Inscription: 2021

EBG Rating:8.2/10
Quality of Drinks
A simple range of beers none of which set the world alight but do the job. Limited selection of spirits.
A corner Gaststatte that has the appearance of once being genteel, homely and upstanding, definitely no more. Time has aged the place, not such much like a fine wine, more a weathered, craggy rock. Characterful. Dark wood panels, chunky furniture, net curtains. You’ll find a backroom which is almost undetectable unless you head to the toilets (which are, by the way, absolutely battered)
Clearly a local institution in this alternative district, full of locals hanging out and socialising. Smokey and raw, but not unfriendly, in fact the double team behind the bar will make you feel at home. Candles are even lit later at night.
Limited food offerings, smoking allowed.
Value For Money❤️❤️❤️
Fair for the area.
DescriptionFantastic frozen in time Gaststatte which has become a bohemian hangout spot, still serving no-nonsense pub grub but plenty of space for drinking. Old wood, net curtains across multiple rooms. A real late night drinking den. (Added November 2021)