Drayman’s Son, Ely

Location: 29a Fore Hill, Ely CB7 4AA

Venue Type: Micro-Pub / Ale House / Brewery Tap

Year of Inscription: 2022

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EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks

Local ales straight from cask poured from a back kitchen, very good cider and perry selection.

Simple alehouse/bar-cum-café setting with white walls, train station ephemera and fairy lights as decoration. A step up to the bar area.

Communal, local and chatty with drinks brought to your table.

Board games, community meet ups, light cold food and snacks.
Value For Money

Standard for the area.
A market town alehouse from the 00s new wave of micropubs. Stylish green sign with retro stylings matched by recovered signage inside connected with the local train service. Fairy lights and antique furniture in a small room with raised area at the bar. There are no pumps at the bar area itself, while pouring goes on in the backroom, with drinks brought to your table. Board games, community events and general hubbub of friendly activity round off what is rightly a very popular, highly-rated venue.