Bei Schlawinchen, Berlin

Location: Schönleinstraße 34, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Year of Inscription: 2021

Venue Type: Late Bar / Scuzz / Dive Bar

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EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks

Straightforward lager offerings with a decent enough back bar for alternatives.

Extraordinary array of antiques to gawk at with some wandering into the realm of the macabre. Seedy, kitsch and eclectic, deliberately so.

Typical Neukolln, an extremely varied alternative audience and young crowd in various states of disrepair enjoying this lovely small bar.

Fussball table!
Value For Money

Standard for the area, nothing out of the ordinary.
A real Marmite pub, this will have some people screaming for the hills on entry, but for those who want a true experience of one of Berlin’s famous Neukolln bars then start (or end) here. A cast of rogues, bohemians, lovers and dropouts to sit next to and put the world to rights, table football and giant gorilla dominating the centre of the room and a cave-like arrangement of nik-naks of all sorts decorating the walls and ceilings. True atmosphere, but only for the brave.