Ye Olde Dolphin Inne, Derby

Location: Ye Olde Dolphin Inne, 5 Queen St, Derby DE1 3DL

Venue Type: Market Town Pub / Historic Tavern

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
A range of cask ales, some at budget prices and its own-label pale ale available. Standard keg range and back bar.
Half-timbered pub claiming medieval heritage, the interior manages to retain some character with low ceilings and a snug. Nice fireplace by the bar, some attractive niches and a characterful alleyway entrance.
Excellent cosy bunker-like space that is friendly, warm, low key while at the same time feeling significant in terms of the nightlife of the city.
Outdoor seating, meals, fireplace, books, board games.
Value For Money
Good value for the area.
There is always a risk the Historic Tavern with a ghost story can be tacky, weathered and a bit touristy. Not so here, we’re glad to report. While the exterior signage may give off the wrong vibes, this immediately improves on entrance, with a flagstone alleyway leading into a series of options, whether that’s the snug, lounge, bar or courtyard. Inside low ceilings, cosy warmth and spaces that excel at providing intimacy and ease. While the format may be a little hoary and old-fashioned for some, this pub does the key elements right, and that’s ultimately the most important thing.
UPDATE: We understand a potentially unsympathetic decoration of the snug room has taken place and will provide further details if proven to be true.