U Prezidentů, Prague 🇨🇿

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Location: Šultysova 53, 169 00 Praha 6, Czechia

Venue Type: Czech Pivnice / Traditional / Theme Pub / Family-run

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:8.5/10
Quality of Drinks
Rychtar and Pilsner beers, decent selection of central European liqueurs
The highlight of the place. Presidents old and new hung on the walls, with various political commentary literally written or carved around them. Rustic/country/homely furniture in a place that is a little smaller than the outside may appear. Though you know even at first glance at the outside of the building this is a highly personalised and distinctive place.
A calm quiet pint in the afternoons can be found, but you really want to be here during the height of the evening to see it at its best.
Meals, limited outdoor seating
Value For MoneyGood
DescriptionOne of Prague’s handful of extremely distinctively designed traditional pubs, this place oozes quirkiness and character from every orifice to the point where it almost feels like a living dynamic being in itself, slowly carved out of existence. There is enough to keep anyone interested, gazing around at the portraiture and graffiti, along with the antiques, which commemorate – and excoriate – previous Czech presidents. Be sure to drop by in the evening with more people present in order to experience the pub at its finest. A gem, well worth the tram ride from the centre. (added October 2021)