The Holy Tavern, London

Location: 55 Britton St, London EC1M 5UQ

Venue Type: Traditional Pub / Revivalist Georgian Coffee House

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
St Peter’s brewery beers and ciders on cask with more variety now the brewery have sold off the venue.
A 1990s recreation of a Georgian style tavern, simple furnishings with wooden settles, partitions, lamplight and the occasional oddity. Small without a clear focal point.
No music so there is calm during the day and social conversation during the evening.
Food, lunch deals, limited other amenities. 
Value For Money
Reasonable for the area.
While the appearance may give off a 1700s Georgian coffee house look, this is a wholly sentimental recreation carried out in the 1990s for St Peter’s brewery, for whom this served as its London base until 2021.With its narrow entrance, niches and partitions, it has been carefully curated. Without any music there is just natural ambience either through calm or social conversation. The range of drinks is very decent and opening hours have improved to include Saturdays.