The Brunswick, Derby

Location: 1 Railway Terrace, Derby DE1 2RU

Venue Type: Ale House / Brewpub

Year of Inscription: 2021

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Home brew beers covering many styles with other brands available too. Some OK keg options. Standard back bar.
A long pub with rooms off a central corridor and bar area. The centre of the action is the bar area itself, while some of the pub rooms feel a little detached in quieter periods, the shape of the building not lending itself terrifically well to the concept. Decor is quite plain with train station and brewing signage, also check out the brew kit at the end of the corridor.
A popular ale house with a good range of customers. Locals can sometimes block the path by congregating at the bar (see above). Some of the spaces don’t generate enough atmosphere but there are effective parts of the pub.
Own brew beers, TV, meals, snacks, limited outdoor seating. Occasional events.
Value For Money
Standard for the area.
A local institution, popular pub brewing a large range of its own beers. A long building with some design quirks, not all positive, that overall achieves a decent ale house type appeal, depending on where you manage you place yourself. Décor is reasonable although signage is a little bland at points. As an all-rounder with a good range of beers it is effective enough to sneak onto our guide.