The Black Turtle, Belgrade

Location: Kosančićev venac 30, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Year of Inscription: 2017

Venue Type: Backpacker Pub / Student Pub

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Although it’s difficult to detect much stylistically to announce The Black Turtle as Serbian, neither is it a tacky theme pub. It does have an English name, and plenty of English language stuff about (a relief in a city where all the signs are in Cyrillic) but the venue is focused on the idea of a pub itself, and there are some detailed, understated touches in the decor which help create a strongly recognisable pub atmosphere.

It’s worth stating at this point there are a number of Black Turtles around the city, five I believe, only one of which I have been to, located near Kalmegdan fortress. However, research concludes the template is more or less the same in each venue, so I feel safe in writing this in the knowledge that a great deal will apply to the whole chain.

Along with being a reliable spot for good quality beers, the other draw to visit is the very lively atmosphere. There are many backpackers who drop down here, as there are young Serbians who want something to drink that isn’t the ubiquitous and awful Jelen Piwo. I remember the experience being a loud, occasionally raucous and smokey experience which is more or less what you would want and expect from Belgrade in general.

Being far away from home, it is wise to give some places a degree of latitude in certain areas they fall short – primarily because there often aren’t superior options. So visit The Black Turtle (any of the black turtles) with your eyes open, as it is no drinking mecca akin to Prague, Krakow or Brussels’ pubs, but it is still pretty damn good, most of all for backpackers and younger folk.