The Bell (Bush Lane), London

Location: 29 Bush Ln, London EC4R 0AN

Venue Type: Traditional Pub / Historic Tavern / Compact

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Range of cask ales with Pilsner Urquell as a better than normal lager option.
One of the surviving pubs of the Great Fire of 1666. Tiny two roomed setup with low ceiling, beams, classic pub bric a brac and tinted windows. The main bar area has a very old fashioned ale house setup for a drink while standing, leaning or on a stool. Upstairs is almost like walking into a different place. 
A clearly atmospheric venue in and of itself, with history that does convince as authentic.
Pies, snacks, upstairs seating, phone charging banks.
Value For Money
A tiny pub that should be on anyone’s tour of the historic pubs in London. The low ceilings, tinted windows and out of date alehouse setup are immediately redolent of times gone by, while some OK beer options keep things real where it’s important. While expensive, this is worth supporting. Stay on the ground floor as the first floor has not been kept in character with the core of the pub.