The Red Lion, Littleborough

Location:  6 Halifax Rd, Littleborough OL15 0HB

Year of Inscription: 2023

Venue Type: Neighbourhood Pub / Traditional / Quirky

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Marstons range of cask and keg, including a house ‘own label’ bitter.
Attractive stone building set off a street corner with old Wilsons signage. Interior has a wide entrance with rooms off a central hall. Snug/bar room to the right, lounge to the left with games rooms further in. Plush with carpets and upholstered bench seating, traditionally decorated with porcelain figures, plates, etc, somewhat of a timewarp, none more so than the rear of the hall with its almost sleazy red-hued curtains and lamps.
Somewhat of a curio, part simple working class boozer, partly tacky and knackered but with a bit of flair to it that’s difficult to shake. Warm and social with a cast of regulars shooting the breeze in the main bar room and social setup in the lounge too. Feels active and relevant.
Snacks, games, live events, pool room, fireplace, books
Value For Money
Good value for money in the current climate.
A curio, this preserved pub is at once a little dog-eared yet also quirky and characterful enough, and social and relevant enough to stay in the memory. With amenities, events, local life and darn good value too, you find yourself refusing to mark it down. Plush seating in the lounge with some characterful individual fittings mixes with kitschy tat like porcelain horses and almost sleazy red-hued décor down the hall towards the toilets. You’ll leave not quite sure what you experienced.