PG Akademija Piva, Podgorica

Location: 2-9 Moskovska, Podgorica, Montenegro

Venue Type: Brewpub / Modern

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Several competent and reliable home brew beers following recognised US and European styles.
A typical brewpub but with brushed metal and dark hues complimenting the brew kit.. A long, large venue with a covered terrace.
A solidly middlebrow corporate brewpub atmosphere with a lack of communal areas and focus on beer, the private experience and food over socialising. Not an unpleasant place to be, but don’t expect a ‘pub’ in the true sense.
Food, outdoor seating, own brew beers, tastings, tours
Value For Money
Higher for the area but really quite reasonable factoring in the more unusual offerings.
It’s brewpub time. Firstly, full marks to the place for doing its homework. The beers here are well brewed and reliable with the operation a slick and relatively corporate one. It wouldn’t stand out in other countries but here in Podgorica it certainly does. In some ways its  anaesthetising sterility is a bad thing, in other ways it’s quite impressive they invested so much money in a country where there was no established audience for such a venue. You will have a solid brewpub experience here and come away satisfied.