Old Coffee House, London

Location: 49 Beak St, Carnaby, London W1F 9SF

Venue Type: Historic Tavern / City Pub

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Brodie’s beers, limited keg and alternatives. OK back bar.
Classic Londonia with thick vivid red paint and signage festooned wherever you look, including framed photographs of movie stars above the bar, and attractive mirrors in the corner. A bunker like pub that has been opened out.
A classic London boozer if ever there was one, this is a step aside from the chain pub format, albeit that the surroundings are familiar feeling in themselves. Quiet and cliquey in the afternoons and in the week before coming to life in the evenings.
Limited food and snacks, TV
Value For Money
Standard for the area.
A historic venue that has nevertheless since its distant inscription turned into another thing entirely. You’ll find a vivid bunkerlike pub with a familiar Old London Town feel. This place lays it on thick with nearly every inch of wall space used. The drinks could be improved, the carpet could be replaced, but overall there is easily enough going on to merit an inscription.