L’Ovella Negra, Barcelona

Location: Carrer de les Sitges, 5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Year of Inscription: 2017

Venue Type: Student Pub / Historic Venue

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EBG Rating:
Choice/Quality of Drinks
Value For Money
The Black Sheep is a locally famous student spot whose business plan involves big groups, adverts for pitchers, buckets of crap beer and deals for shots. Why then does it have an appearance on this list?

Well, once you’ve taken everything about the pub as a whole, there’s actually rather a lot to like. The interior itself is like stepping into a country barn, rather impressive considering you’re in Barcelona city centre. No windows, but plenty of space, with side rooms and a large central area with a raised seating area and a large area in front of the bar for standing/games etc.

Although the décor looks like it gets a hammering week in week out, the rustic furniture is sturdy and built to last, the general feel is pretty warm and welcoming. The dark wooden ceiling, vaulted beams, stone walls and huge chimney really help build a characterful interior. The side rooms themselves have some interesting features such as intricate rustic tiling. The space itself gives you a breathing space (should you require it) from the excitable and sometimes a little too in-your-face student crowd.

Further plus points for the facilities, with a pool table, dart board, jukebox, along with a few community events they have going on. The decision to place the pool table by the bar area is ridiculously stupid though, meaning the players can’t play their shots without jabbing cues into people.

The beer isn’t the best selection you’ll ever be met with, however the prices are very good and adequately compensate.

The place transforms depending on the time of day, so afternoon and early evenings may seem rather sedate (and definitely the best time for a game of pool) but the late opening hours mean it turns into one of those boisterous venues that you can leave in the early hours and find it was as busy, if not busier than when you came in.

I wouldn’t recommend it for a romantic soiree, exactly, and they could easily attract the same audience without the marketing being so garish and out of place. The beer selection is a little poor as well, so there is work to do. The fundamentals are there though, this is a genuine pub with a good atmosphere.