Kontrabas, Plovdiv 🇧🇬

Location: ul. “Panayot Volov” 8, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Venue Type: Jazz Bar / Meyhane / Traditional

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
A small bar with simple options of beer, wine, mixers and spirits that are on the basic side.
Situated in a restored Ottoman house in Plovdiv old town, exposed beams, off-centre rustic and homely decor with a large double bass fresco by the bar, a few little old timer nik nak ornaments, and a terrace where live music is played.
A superb setting for live music on the terrace, even if you can’t get a front row seat, the music permeates the whole pub, and makes you feel part of what’s going on even if you’re chilling out and socialising inside or out front. The old house and hilltop location make it feel a bit extra special, although it certainly is on the mainstream middle-aged side rather than alternative in many ways.
Live music / food / outdoor seating
Value For Money
A little higher than average with a cover charge for live music, albeit not extortionate.
Plovdiv old town is a restored marvel with large trader houses and cobbled streets. Up on the hill is a good place for this Jazz bar with its warm homely hues indoors and pleasant leafy terrace acting as a natural stage for the music. There is a cover charge, beware, though not extortionate. Drinks are basic in comparison to the food, but thankfully food doesn’t dominate and you can come here to listen but equally to socialise. It isn’t too touristy either, the vast majority of people when we visited were obviously locals.