Konoba Avlija, Podgorica 🇲🇪

Location: C7V7+82 Podgorica, Montenegro 🇲🇪

Venue Type: Konoba / Courtyard / Theme Pub

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
A standard range of Café Bar drinking options covering all bases moderately. Some European lagers too.
The strongest suit of the venue is the décor, with every effort made to imbue character, from the neon signage outside, to a corridor filled with ephemera, nik naks and Montenegrin heritage. This leads to an open courtyard with a stage an hatch type decorations around the walls. Not dissimilar to a ruin bar in style.
A Konoba would normally suggest a restaurant but this venue is every bit drinks focused, at least from the late afternoon onwards. Especially when the live music begins, this is in essence a bar, Podgorica’s standout in terms of its distinctive character.
Live music, food, snacks, outdoor seating
Value For Money
Standard for the area.
A local institution, the neon signage draws you into a corridor filled with personal effects and Montenegrin heritage before opening out into a wide, but still personalised and characterful courtyard with a stage at the end. While the place offers food, it is known as a bar and drinking venue in the evening, with an environment that comes alive the noisier and busier it gets, much like a ruin pub. A standout venue anywhere, but especially somewhere like Podgorica.