Kælderkold, Barcelona

Location: Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Year of Inscription: 2017

Venue Type: Craft Beer Bar

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EBG Rating:
Choice/Quality of Drinks
Value For Money
Kaelderkold is a great choice if you’re looking to drink beer near La Rambla that’s actually good. Ignore the ‘world beer’ bar the other side of the road that’s dubious in the extreme, and dive to your left.

You’ll find what seems to be a narrow and self contained dive bar, whitewashed with light wood and some rather kooky scandi-inspired artwork on the walls. The bar staff are your usual craft beer stereotypes, pretending to be Icelandic loggers or something, the girls with pierced noserings and dungarees. Don’t expect any grasps towards individuality in the décor, only in the beer.

There’s a really impressive selection of tapped beer, most of which is craft ale, and they’ve done a good job of providing a range of styles meaning I found it easy to pick one suiting my mood.

Also, it’s not the tiny bar it first appears – keep going past the bogs and you’ll find an American diner-meets-comic book designed cellar area. Rather strange but worth it for the space and cushioned seats.

The rest of the crowd around the bar area tilt a little bit too far towards preening and self-aware, but there is a generally friendly sense overall, as the staff are friendly and plenty of people are into hanging out and chatting rather than fixing their hair and pouting.

The prices are nearly double than you’d pay in a tapas bar for a glass of Estrella (perhaps not a half litre though), and it’s arguable whether this price hike is justified, even when considering British wallets are used to taking that sort of hit.

In Barcelona city centre they know enough big spending hipsters will be around to capitalise. Still, you can get a pint of some really great ales and it’s a nice place to go – if a little arch-hipster. If you’ve got the readies and want a break from sipping that gassy metallic Estrella Damn take the sidestreet to Kaelderkold and drop by for a drink with the beer geek in-crowd.