Itaka Library Bar, Podgorica 🇲🇪

Location: C7Q8+4FC, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Venue Type: Terrace Bar / Café Bar / Quirky / Modern

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
A rare location for Montenegrin craft beer – and on tap too.  Only the one though. Good standard of café bar options complete a decent set.
Based in an old female Turkish bath house, this place was previously also a bookish cafe. A three storey bar with narrow space around a central atrium, roof terrace.
There are good views on the glass fronted roof terrace, intimate vibes on the middle floor and lively bar action on the ground floor. With a bookish, academic vibe out of season, the pace doesn’t pick up until the crowds arrive in summer.
Books, snacks, outdoor seating.
Value For Money
Fair given the options available.
An unusual historic building houses this café, resurrecting a more unusual piece of Podgorica’s heritage, with a women’s Turkish baths on the site formerly. Now, this comes directly under a motorway escarpment, adding to a collage of unusual juxtapositions. Montegrin craft beer is available here, with the bar itself taking cues from the West in terms of its design and attitude. Friendly service and a series of nooks and crannies across 3 floors to have a low key, but intimate and warm evening out.