Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Nuremberg 🇩🇪

Location: Bergstraße 19, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany

Venue Type: Brewery Tap / Traditional /Compact

Year of Inscription: 2016

EBG Rating:7.9/10
Quality of Drinks
Value For Money❤️❤️❤️
DescriptionA German city without a centrally located brewery would be a sad thing indeed.
Nuremberg’s centre is divided up between north and south of the river. The North side is the historical and cultural centre, while the south side, still pretty and smart, is mainly taken up with the everyday shopping streets. Mautkeller is situated here and provides the traditional German Bierkeller experience.

Until recently the historical centre on the North side had no operating brewery, until Altstadthof came along. The brewery have taken up residence in a mini-complex, bigger than it first appears but certainly compact, on the street leading up to Beim Tiergartnertor and Albrecht Durer’s house, a slope yes, but what seems to be the natural focal point of the city.

There is a certain strategic advantage to this, picking up touristic footfall as the hordes make the pilgrimage past the attractive Fachwerk houses and up the hill to the castle. The question is, have they made a pub or bar that locals actually go to?

Altstadthof isn’t exactly in prime location for public transport, but the general answer is yes. You’ll find a core crowd congregating around the bar and the shelf lining the wall, while the bench seats seem to be a mixture of business groups, romantic couples and the odd group of youngsters.

The biggest surprise is that the pub is so small, as for a brewery in a city the size of Nuremberg, you would expect at least an upstairs area, but no, it’s just the main room and terrace which for now appears to be doing just fine.

They have made an intelligent choice to kit the place out in traditional fashion with sturdy bench seats, studded leather upholstery, wooden beams and some tasteful decoration. It still has that ‘new’ feel, but has character and it will develop further over time.

As for the beer, well, that’s another reason the pub is included, as their range is all very decent. You can enjoy Rotbier on tap and Bockbier later in the year, something not commonly available everywhere. Both are delicious. Their core range starts at good and peaks at really good. There’s nothing to worry about drinks wise here other than the overly lively tapping, whereby the by-now jaded bar staff scoop the mounds of foam off the beers, usually taking 2 or 3 glasses just to fill a 0.4l serving. This inevitably takes time, making your wait beyond Guinness level to the point that where your drink eventually arrives, you’re gagging for it.

There’s a friendly and surprisingly low-key feel to an evening in here with a balanced blend of locals, German visitors and international visitors. It feels communal and most vitally it is literally a pub, rather than a brasserie or brewery tap. They’ve succeeded in making a vital addition to pub-going in Nuremberg.