Garage Beer Co., Barcelona

Location: C. del Consell de Cent, 261, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

Year of Inscription: 2017

Venue Type: Craft Beer Bar / Late Bar / Modern

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Choice/Quality of Drinks
Value For Money
Garage Bar could hardly describe itself as a particularly Spanish place, indeed when you walk in, you might see the sign “Mr Steve Huxley, you’re a ****ing legend!” on the blackboard.

This craft ale brewery got off the ground because of British interest, and it shows in nearly everything about the bar, right down to the studied checked shirts and beards of the bar staff.

These kind of places set off a deep-set annoyance in me so any that can overcome it one way or another are usually a pleasant surprise.

Garage has a core host of regulars, which becomes obvious when hanging around the bar area. They are young and noisy and enjoying both Garage’s decent craft output and the array of other options on tap. It has something to do with the sheer informality of the bar staff, who may be the other side of the bar but do their best to make you feel like you’re having a good time with them.

Decent rock music, the odd singalong, and sampling of beers all makes up for the cliched exposed industrial chic décor and uncomfortable seating.

Also, when you’re greeted with free raspberry sour beer from an alembic you’re always going to have a soft spot for the place.

The prices are standard for craft beer in the city centre but probably won’t be too offensive to British beer lovers. Are they twice as good as normal Spanish beers? Some are, some aren’t, but in this case it’s a price to pay to explore Barcelona’s beer scene. On occasion I’d rather be drinking a Moritz (especially on a warm day) for 2 euros than paying 6 euros for a generic American Pale Ale.

As per usual, craft beer pubs are places to feel ambivalent about, but in many ways Garage takes you out of that dubious façade a little bit, and returns to what the whole point of going out for a drink it, good beers, good company and a good laugh.

Every big city needs at least a few places like this.