Eszeweria, Kraków 🇵🇱

Location: Józefa 9, 31-056 Kraków, Poland

Venue Type: Late Night Bar / Café / Theme Bar

Year of Inscription: Founder Member

EBG Rating:9.3/10
Quality of Drinks
Standard corporate Polish beer offerings. Limited keg and cask. More extensive cafe alternatives with herbal teas, vodkas, and mixers.
Brooding antiquey olde-world decor with faded furniture, candle-light, local artwork, recovered nik-naks, and walls that are literally stained with history.
Calm dusky hideout during the day, the place is the ultimate slow burner, getting going in the late evening.
Beer garden, small selection of snacks, late opening
Value For Money❤️❤️❤️
Standard for the area.
DescriptionBeing a standout bar in Kazimierz is going some, but Eszeweria (Esh-evver-eee-aah) goes even further, by nailing the district’s established style – antiquey furnishings and crumbling edifices – as well.
Throw in a summer garden (albeit a very busy one), and there’s enough here to make you fall in love with Kazimierz all on its own.
Eszeweria opens very late as well. If it’s dark they will seemingly keep on serving. I couldn’t imagine visiting the bar any other time than very late in the evening, as walking in past the rows of couples dripping sweet nothings by murky candle light, and groups of young folk plotting in the nooks and crannies of the bar is never better than at some unholy late time of night. Every visit seems to end with the bar being at least as busy as when you entered, it seems like it will never really close.
Unfortunately the pub only offers slightly last-gen beer offerings, with the Zywiec range on tap, at a locally uncompetitive price, but that weakness aside, there’s very little else to mark the bar down for. The range of rooms and seating allow groups to have the kind of evening they want. There are intimate tables for two, communal pub type seating, sofas and of course the garden space.
Every city needs a go-to place for a late drink and this is definitely one of the greatest at that task. (Added 2017)