Dick Mack’s, Dingle

Location: 47 Green St, Dingle, Co. Kerry, V92 FF25, Ireland

Venue Type: Village Pub / Brewpub / Whisky Specialists

Year of Inscription: 2021

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
On site brewery along with Irish classics and large whiskey selection.
Saloon bar with two snugs, backrooms and preserved interior wood fittings, down to the shop counter people now sit around.
Superb day or night, with the right combination of local crowd and travellers, albeit it might lean heavily towards tourists during peak season. Bar staff giving good craic.
Live music, on site brewery, habadashery, outdoor seating.
Value For Money
Fair for the area, a little higher perhaps.
A true classic, Dick Mack’s would already be the best pub in town for its preserved decor and genius loci, that’s before you get into the evening singalongs, snugs and on site brewery that provides sweet relief from the incessant hegemony that is the Irish beer scene. Wonderful craic from bar staff and quirks everywhere from the snugs facing each other opposite two sides of the bar with hatches for service to the habadashery shop counter and original shelves. A wall of whisky to choose from. This is a wonderful place and one of the best pubs you’re ever likely to go to.  “Where’s the church? – Opposite Dick Mack’s. Where’s Dick Mack’s? Opposite the church”.