De Kroon Van Hopland, Antwerp 🇧🇪

Location: Hopland 67, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Year of Inscription: 2022

Venue Type: Belgian Brown Café / Late Bar / Quirky / Compact

EBG Rating:8.5/10
Quality of Drinks
With a name like Hopland, that could risk disappointing beer lovers. This isn’t a craft beer bar. Compact selection of beers (though very decent Trappist options are in stock), aperitivo, wine, spirits etc. Stripped back – which helps in a way, but don’t be expecting any vast menu here.
Quirky yet traditional. Another venue which is a brown café but saying that hardly sums it up at all. Distinctive with greenery, a mannequin sat by the entrance, some colonial influences in the decoration, mirrors, tiled floor and a smart bar area facing a small one-room corner pub with a terrace.
This is a popular, well reviewed spot with a core crowd of locals and proximity to a major metro stop. They invite locals to make use of a restaurant over the road and bring their food over to eat, which is always a nice co-operative thing to do. Brooding interior with an atmosphere all of its own, fun with an eclectic sound track. At ease with itself, meaning you’re likely to find elderly regulars stewing away alongside hipsters.
Outdoor seating, limited snacks, books.
Value For Money❤️❤️❤️
Standard for the area, perhaps 10/20 cents higher in some regards, nothing offensive.
DescriptionA core Antwerp venue that takes a brown café concept, expanding on it with funky, quirky, if not slightly macabre decor. There’s a mannequin sat in a wicker chair by the entrance, vague colonial stylings and oozing neon light in the evening alongside eclectic music selection. The adjacent restaurant offers food delivery you can eat in the pub, there’s a social terrace out front and a smart little bar churning out a stripped back selection. The locals don’t seem to mind at all, as reviews attest. Due to its location it is a venue never far from your thoughts as you traverse the city for the next watering hole. (Added July 2022)