Cat & Mouse, Plovdiv

Location: ul. “Hristo Dyukmedzhiev” 14, 4000 Kapana, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Venue Type: Craft Beer Bar / Casual / Workspace / Beer Specialists

Year of Inscription: 2022

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
5 or 6 taps with a range of Bulgarian craft beer and a few standards. Bottles from the connected brewery available.
Modern craft with the typical slate and exposed wood decor, warm colours and overall a pleasant if slightly generic space.
Modern, hip and happening in the core of Plovdiv’s most cosmopolitan street, you’ll find the usual array of fashionably aloof looking 20 somethings in ill-fitting clothing, and a quite pleasantly informal atmosphere with belongings strewn about in what seems to be a work space for some as well as a bar during the day.
Takeaway, Food, snacks, workspace, outdoor seating
Value For Money
More expensive than normal for the area.
One of Plovdiv’s official cool spots, and while that might invite a bit of a sneer, the venue is actually pretty good. The usual slates + greys dominate the décor, but café bar also is warm and welcoming with plenty of wood and greenery for balance.  The beer selection is superior including their own operation’s beers available on tap, the workspace type feel during the day has an easy informality which is likeable, with a versatile atmosphere that works day or night. Overall it represents the best of the mainstream options in town.