Café ‘t Smalle, Amsterdam

Café ‘t Smalle, Amsterdam

Location: Egelantiersgracht 12, 1015 RL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Year of Inscription: 2017

Venue Type: Brown Café

Choice/Quality of Drinks: 8/10

Style & Décor: 9/10

Character, Atmosphere & Local Life: 8/10

Amenities & Events: 7/10

Value For Money: 5/10

Our Overall Rating: 8.3/10

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Typical Dutch café leaning on Belgian beers but with a small range of new wave Dutch beer and the standard Amsterdam lagers. Jenever on offer and a well stocked backbar.
Preserved reddish brown cafe with aged wooden fittings, rickety furniture and boxy mezzanine level that feels almost like being on a tall ship. 
A perfect venue either for slow afternoon reclining, Sunday day drinking or buzzy night time boozing. 
Limited food selection and equally limited outdoor seating.
Value For Money
Expensive, but this is Amsterdam.

Tremendous characterful, slightly ramshackle old joint in brown café style. Traditional backroom area and similarly pleasant front bar area.