Astra Stube, Berlin

Location: Hobrechtstraße 64, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Year of Inscription: 2020

Venue Type: Theme Bar / Casual Hangout 

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
A limited offering featuring Czech, craft and regional beer. Back bar is decently stocked albeit with a standard range.
St. Pauli football team pub, which is a lot less ghastly than a football fan pub would ordinarily sound. In fact you’ll find low muted red lights which add a calmness and intimacy, with the St Pauli trinkets and memorabilia nicely integrated. Take a look around for some oddities too!
A friendly first port of call in the area if you are wanting to dip your toe into Neukolln life. Friendly service and a friendly vibe.
Limited. Table football, snacks.
Value For Money
Standard and decent value for the area.
A good option when dipping your toe into Neukolln nightlife, this is a friendly option with an alternative but welcoming vibe. Even the football theme seems nicely integrated under brooding red lights and a sense that the place is a pub first and a shrine second. It took a couple of goes to get the place, but it certainly deserves a recommendation.