Armazém da Cerveja, Porto 🇵🇹

Location: R. Formosa 130, 4000-254 Porto, Portugal

Venue Type: Craft Beer Bar / Bottle Shop

Year of Inscription: 2018

EBG Rating:7.9/10
Quality of Drinks
Portuguese craft on tap with a specialist range of European classics in bottles and cans.
Modern appearance outside, but there are mellow tones inside with the bottle shop and seating around barrels, a bar with colourful blackboard and beer display, and pubby seating to the rear.
One of the few beer specialists in Porto that feels like locals actually spend time here, and that makes a big difference to the mix overall. Friendly and collegiate with a true mix of people, not just middle aged men.
Snacks, books, board games, limited outdoor seating
Value For Money❤️❤️❤️
Reasonable for the trade.
DescriptionModern beer-focused pub with Portuguese and Spanish craft on tap and impressive bottle selection. However this is no arch-epicurean hangout, but a casual, friendly local pub that manages to feel neighbourly and characterful rather than hollow. Very much about the social scene as much as the great beer.