The Fox & Anchor, London

Location: 115 Charterhouse St, Barbican, London EC1M 6AA

Venue Type: Historic Tavern / City Pub

EBG Rating:
Quality of Drinks
Youngs ales with some guest options. Competent back bar.
Victoriana with beautiful façade leading to narrow high ceilinged pub. Back room ‘The Fox’s Den’ leads to a series of gloomy atmospheric snugs, the more distinctive part of the pub.
A bit of a bunker, the layout of the main room is not as well planned out as you’d like, but the backroom is supremely atmospheric with little hatches and snugs, intimate and private, yet still social, like many of the best pubs. This elevates what would otherwise be simply a nice enough pub. Like many opulent taverns it doesn’t have much in the way of local life,.
Food, snacks, snugs.
Value For Money
After careful deliberation this pub sneaks onto our guide through a combination of a truly beautiful frontage and characterful backroom areas with unique snug rooms including one with closing doors for a carriage-like experience that is worth seeking out, truly special. The rest is competent too, a Victoria high-ceilinged narrow tavern with Young’s beers. The situation of the pub is slightly off the beaten path, which is to its advantage in some respects. The food and poor value slightly detracts as does the seating layout in the main room which feels like a missed opportunity to do more. But still, it has unique features, decent drinks and well worth a look