Bar Directory

Our map below allows you to peruse the greatest pubs and bars in Europe, which you will see rated 8, 9 or the ultra-rare 10 out of 10! Any marked ORANGE are bars we have given a ‘drive-by valuation’ through reading stories, reviews and researching online, and look to have the required qualities. Most of these already have comments, ratings and write-ups and this resource is ever changing and expanding. We publish what we have as we believe this already constitutes a valuable resource, but if you think you know a great bar or pub that fits the bill – please contact us!



(Click the country link for further info on each country’s pub and beer scenes. If there is a full write-up for the bar, clicking the name will take you to its profile page)

Austria (1)

Belgium (22)

Bosnia (3)

Croatia (8)

Czechia (formerly Czech Republic) (51)

England (64)

Germany (19)

Hungary (14)

Italy (3)

Latvia (4)

Lithuania (6)

Malta (2)

Montenegro (1)

Netherlands (13)

Poland (24)

Portugal (1)

Republic of Ireland (6)

Serbia (1)

Slovakia (4)

Slovenia (4)

Spain (12)